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photo  by mikejmbyrne.

We create our life. Our vibration, energy, thoughts, intentions, and actions all make up and determine our reality. Every moment of our life we decide whether we will respond with happiness or misery and love or fear. For much of my life, I responded with fear and misery. Darkness was my cloak and pain was my story and something I could hide behind so that I did not have to try at life or take responsibility.

It was through yoga and meditation that I was able to see into and beyond myself and realize the incredible power I had in making my life what I wanted it to be. Day after day of practice allows me to shed more and more layers of shame and fear into love and strength. Mindfulness has saved my life and all I want to do is share it with as many people as I can to see if it can save a piece of their lives too.

Writing is my greatest passion after meditation, embodied movement, and reading. Writing thaws me. It envelops me. It lures the darkness out of me and sometimes leaves me so tired and carved open that I need a break from its intensity — a time to forget about imagery and emotion and to skip in the rain and to open my mouth and feel its moisture against my tongue, a time to chase rainbows and enjoy my imagination without drawing anything from it. I always happily come back to it again and again.

I clutch my dreams close to my diaphragm.  I hope sometimes when you read me, you feel them whispering against your ear. Dream with me. Dream of a world where we can just be. Be ourselves. Be without need. Be happy. Be love. Be free. Be safe. Be enough. I wish I could live in a constant state of dreaming. Maybe that’s why I love reading and writing so much; they take me there.

I have worked as a professional journalist and have also had my poetry and short stories published in various journals. I used to write on a blog called flyturtlefly but have since merged all my work on this site, lissabliss. My goal is to post a new piece one to four times per month. I hope you enjoy your journey into my writing world.


Please feel free to contact me at lissabliss3 (at) gmail (dot) com

To learn more about my mindfulness and embodied movement offerings, please visit my business site.



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