You’re like sunlight


Photo by jgalere.

More than anything I want to talk to you, whisper in your ear about my day and all the little things that filled me with such wonder, and have you whisper back to me about yours and feel all our moments dance against our skin like the first rays of sunlight on a newly born day.

Aren’t the little things truly the most magnificent things?

Like the eruption of your laughter in an otherwise ordinary moment and all the other laughs of different tones and depths that can’t resist joining in. The thank you card you left under my laptop thanking me just for being me on a particularly rough day. The way you go out of your way to tuck people’s fabric tags safely into place and give them a soothing stroke on the back of their neck before you take your hand away.

I think people feel held tightly yet also free when they’re around you. That may just be the definition of love.

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