heart-centered living


How do you embrace being fully seen, open, loved, and loving?

It’s been an enduring goal of mine, which I’ve reflected on often. Initially, the thought always used to be followed by a natural shrinking, a subtle rounding of the shoulders, my ego to remind me that I wasn’t good enough to let myself be fully seen. A soft voice within me always seemed to counter my ego and acknowledge that this was how I was meant to be. Perhaps, this is how we are all meant to be. We start off this way as babies and then so much stuff happens to us that we often lose our connection to these qualities.

My upbringing prepared me to be in full body armor suits at all times. It takes a lot of awareness and work to move towards a fully open, heart-centered way of living. I have to put the past in its place and tell it to stop following me around and relinquish all my baggage, all my stories, all my protection.


I used to worry so much about being loved and keep relentless tally of who wasn’t treating me the way I deserved to be treated while I treated myself worst than my worst enemy. How could my love ever be complete if it did not include me?

I know better now. I tell my ego hush, feed it jam and stroke its hair, loving it as I love all the other parts within me. I meditate and work with all the resistances I have built to protect myself from getting hurt that have in actuality kept me from love. I love myself deeply, including everything I see in my love –my missteps as much as my triumphs.

With a love like that emanating through my day, what could I have to fear in you seeing? See all of me and love me. See all of yourself and love yourself. So much beauty can come from our darkest depths, from our supposed flaws, and that is not something that we ever have to hide. Flaws make us human and vulnerable; they are often the most lovely parts of us. You are worthy, so incredibly worthy. Show the universe all of you, flaws and all, and I will show you an open door to love, that will caress you like the first summer breeze after a long winter, and never leave you.

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