Fear and Joy


Sometimes, I get so caught up in my happiness that I find myself clinging to the feeling. I find myself thinking what if something terrible happens and I lose this precious thing that I have in my life? I think a lot of us feel this way. It keeps some people from opening up to life at all and it allows other people to boldly proclaim their dependence on certain moments and certain people in a way that can exacerbate experiences of loss. What if it didn’t have to be like that though? What if fear and joy were able to be there for each other to keep each moment sacred and to quickly accept when each moment had passed?

Fear, Joy said, take my hand. Why are we always struggling against each other? Lets be friends. We can run and play amongst the darkness and the light. Slow down your breath and let me in. Joy is available to you in each moment even if you do feel scared right now.

Fear started to relax and unravel from his coiled shape, leaning into Joy slightly and letting go of all that he was carrying. Fear left his worries on the side of the road to enjoy the gentle feeling of the sun with Joy. They walked along the path for some time until suddenly, fear stopped frozen at a large figure it noticed looming ahead.

Joy reached for fear and whispered in his ear, that’s Love wanting to join us. Love is so big because it’s everywhere so there’s nothing to fear.

Fear and Joy walked towards Love and the three embraced, never to be separate again.


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