Committing to love


June for me is going to be a testament to love and a whirlwind romance I plan to have between myself and the universe. I plan to cultivate self-love in as many moments as I can and to in turn give that to as many people as I can that cross my path. That includes all of my loved ones in addition to harder people like the person who cuts me off in traffic or the people I harbor old wounds from. I plan to love and bless them all because I have tried everything else and forgiving and loving people and letting go of anger and resentment is the only thing that allows me to access contentment and joy in life.


Join me if you dare in this lovefest. Lets love ourselves unconditionally regardless of what other people say about us or if we weren’t able to be perfect the day before. Lets love ourselves no matter what happens. Lets remind ourselves that no matter what we do or what we say, we are always doing the best that we can with the knowledge and resources that we have in each moment.

Repeat this mantra:

I am enough.

I have enough.

I do enough.

i am enough.png

If we can provide ourselves with the nourishment of self-love and worthiness, then that can completely shift the joy and peace we can access in life. We lack nothing in life if we can cultivate these feelings within ourselves. We have incredible power in this life too because anything we feel like we’re lacking like love, patience, compassion — if we give those things to ourselves, then we have it within us and we lack nothing.

So start with yourself and give yourself all that you feel like you are needing in life and see how far that takes you.


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