I am home (part two)


If my life was a book, I feel like this would be the time where the author would smile and take a deep breath, taking in all the words, thoughts, and experiences on the page, all the happiness and sorrow… And let it all out on an exhale and turn the page and write part two at the top of the page.

I have made it through what has felt like such a difficult, dark, low vibrational period full of fear, shame, and anger and now I feel like I am on the other side with a brand new job and loving new experiences awaiting me.

I feel like I have arrived. I am more at peace and alive than I have ever felt. I have survived the experiences that I was most afraid of. I called them into being with my constant worries and I faced them head on. I realized that when you overcome what you are most afraid of fear can no longer have as penetrating of a hold on you.

I have let go of so many demons, negative people, and toxic environments. They all stand behind me while I keep walking forward with all the tools I need to nourish myself with self-love and self-worth and manifest all that I want in life.

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