a happy goodbye


Photos courtesy of nayyirah waheed & @juliamact

Dear work.

You were the definition of a toxic job. I’ve been publicly reprimanded and shamed by you countless times. I’ve had so many moments of coming home and weeping from being in your presence. I didn’t have a voice or much self-worth to speak about when I started with you.

Initially, my sadness became anger and gave me a voice that I could use to defend myself against you but now I can speak freely without anger or resentment. I was able to learn so much from you, see the true nature of myself and others much more clearly, and work on myself and develop a self-compassion practice that has taken me into a completely different space in my life. Self compassion has been the antidote to shame for me.

I suppose I was meant to meet you to get to this point in life. I have learned all that I can from you and now it’s time for me to say goodbye. I walk away from you happily and am thankful for all the space leaving you has given me — the space for something else, for something else.



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