the yoga off the mat

Today marks the start of YIOM or Yogis Inspiring Oneness Month, a month-long celebration of yoga for the month of April. The concept was created by Lorin from The Vegan Asana and over twenty yogis and bloggers have signed up to write about an aspect of yoga three to seven days per week for the month.

I try to live my yoga throughout the day — finding compassion in the stranger insulting me, breathing through my sadness rather than stuffing and hiding it in my body, and softening and opening in the face of fear since that is at the heart of love. I want to share those things with you. I want to focus on the yoga that starts when we roll up our mat and walk out of the studio. What happens when we enter our lives and leave the dream-like state yoga on the mat can often take us to? Do we continue to face ourselves throughout the day? Do we see ourselves in the people that we like as well as dislike? Do we maintain openness no matter what circumstances we face in our day?


About lissa e.

Lissa's offerings include integrative mental health care, meditation and mindful movement (yoga, qigong, improvisation) instruction, and writings offered in an inclusive, compassionate, culturally responsive, and social justice-oriented framework as part of a lifelong mission to reduce suffering for all beings. If you appreciate this offering and would like to support Lissa and their mission to offer sliding scale and donation-based offerings, feel free to donate at venmo @embodiedheartmind or Thank you. View all posts by lissa e.

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