dark chocolate days

he picked me because i spoke softly
and didn’t criticize even though
i wondered why he insisted on darkness
in his apartment for our soggy french toast breakfasts
the cinnamon so strong we would struggle to chew
coughing and laughing at the same time.
for nights with vanilla candles extinguished
our naked feet lying on separate parts
of the coffee table.
for our rare instances of intimacy,
his head resting on my stomach
my impulsive fingertips roaming his face
spreading his lips into a smile.

he picked dark brown and gray suits,
overtime at work to avoid the crowded subways,
the seat facing the wall in restaurants

he picked me and loved me
even though i couldn’t stay
quiet through a movie
and was attracted to bright colors

he picked me having never met a woman
who didn’t force him to talk about the past or his feelings
having never met a woman
who wasn’t afraid to eat
dark chocolate cheesecake with her fingers
having never met a woman
who didn’t slowly try to pick away his darkness

and I picked him and being with him
hurt less and less with the passing of each dark day


About lissa e.

Lissa's offerings include integrative mental health care, meditation and mindful movement (yoga, qigong, improvisation) instruction, and writings offered in an inclusive, compassionate, culturally responsive, and social justice-oriented framework as part of a lifelong mission to reduce suffering for all beings. If you appreciate this offering and would like to support Lissa and their mission to offer sliding scale and donation-based offerings, feel free to donate at venmo @embodiedheartmind or https://www.paypal.me/embodiedheartmind. Thank you. View all posts by lissa e.

7 responses to “dark chocolate days

  • Cynthia

    hi lissa, how are you? I fell in love with the natural, easy flow of this haunting
    narrative. you’ve written the life of a romance, one that doesn’t fit the measurements
    of the general public, but is just right for the two people inside.

    poetry like this helps me realize that boxes are harmful and need to be torn up,
    that what our heart, and particular mind needs can be found in the unconventional.
    just let ourselves me who we really are: unsure, goofy and often touch-starved.


  • devil mood

    As usual I love your writing to the point of tears. I’m very teary :)
    I’m a fan, that’s all.

  • pieceofpie

    glad to have stopped by otherwise i mighta missed this one… i love the intimacy of sharing these moments most of the time unnoticed but planting seeds all the same…

  • Shell

    this is awesome, lissa – such tragic intimacy and awareness … i might move “hurt” to penultimate line end, or give it a line of its own, but not sure if you wish for this kind of suggestion? a wonderful poem, real and raw emotion crafted beautifully …

  • acousticrhythm

    I can’t even express just how much I appreciate the depth of your writing. You write with such wholeness.
    Once again, you’re scribe has wowed me.
    thumbs way up!!!!!!!!

  • aefiel

    your story just flows in so easily, blending magically and becoming so conscious of itself… i missed this for ages Lissa!

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