blue weakling


they say they’re stronger than you.
they won’t let you wear them down.

i’m not strong.
i can’t will you away.
i unhinge my frontal bone
pour six happy pills in
and listen for the “ping” sound they
make when they reach the deep end of my sadness.

i don’t notice them say
they’re stronger than cancer
or pneumonia, but you,
you’re nothing that a night at the bar can’t cure.

i’m not strong.
i let you ride on my back.
you’re the reason for that weary
stare at the ground shuffle i do.

sometimes, i go to the cliff
an hour away from my house
and dream of throwing myself off
to get rid of you
but i’m not strong enough for that either.



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10 responses to “blue weakling

  • Paul

    Perfect flat empty hollow tone captures that affectless state that comes with depression so the ping sound really stands out and echoes in a great image. Luckily that photo of you smiling is right next to the poem or I would be worried the poem capures the mind state so well.

  • thehappymisfit

    i know this feeling. And the enormous strength it takes not to give into it. You describe it perfectly.

  • Scot

    well written depression poem

  • Cynthia

    ah, the cliff down the block from my home, your
    poem is so honest and terribly brave. to be there
    wandering around in the pain.
    lissa, i admire and love how you write without
    regrets, a wise soul you are.

  • tysdaddy

    OMG! I thought you were done impressing us for a while.

    Unexpected perfection . . .

  • paisley

    intimate and honest.. i loved this.. and don’t you just wish sometimes you could chuck it all off the hill and be done with it… i know i do… but for some reason,, i stay.. we stay.. and we write.. and it gets better…

  • cocoyea

    This is powerful because of it’s honesty and courage to expose the vulnerability in the repeated “I am not strong” because of… There’s a tremendous amount of power, strength and hope in there.

  • johemmant

    The second stanza is exceptional……..the whole is open and honest and affecting. Very well done, Lissa, yet another piece of yours that will stay with me.

  • aefiel

    i hear a sober tragic tale. it is in my head, this pensive, dreary feeling. feels like it’s gonna stay there for a while.

  • Maurice the sinner

    I never noticed any stare at the ground shuffle?

    the “i” in poetry is not always describing the writer.

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