freddy’s back.

image: Freddy Krueger
by R_O_B_O

freddy’s back — well not really. i wouldn’t be stupid enough to let him back in.

i bumped into him a month or two ago in a bar. it seemed like he wanted to inhale me with his gaze. he had that same sneaky smile, giant gap still present. i avoided talking to him most of the night until he followed me out to my car.

you look nice, he said, hungrily. he talked about his living arrangements, his job status, his hopes for school. i tried to say as little as possible about myself.

then, he said the oddest thing. he brought up sushi. he said whenever he gets sushi he thinks about me.

um. call me crazy but i don’t find that flattering. maybe we did eat sushi together on one of our “dates” but still i don’t think of guys that i barely went out with when i eat something i had when i was with them.

imagine if i thought of john that i met at a journalism function when i ordered veggie burgers, or lester that i met at  school when i drink chocolate almond milk. and believe me i’m as sentimental as they come.

so anyway, i somehow managed to get into my car after twenty awkward minutes relatively unscathed.

i didn’t escape for too long though because a few days later freddy started texting me again. he uses words like “beautiful” and “great.” usually, i don’t respond. as tempting as it is, i don’t need attention from him to feel good about myself.

freddy doesn’t see my quietness as kindness though. his last text asked me “why is it that i text you and you don’t text me back?”

oh freddy. you just don’t get it, do you?


when i rejected freddy the first time, i said something i will never say to another man ever (actually, hopefully i won’t have to do any more rejecting). i told him that he would find somebody.

only now that i have recently been rejected and spoon fed that same line do i realize how patronizing and presumptuous it sounds. i winced when i read it in the email he sent me (yes, i am so cowardly that i could only make my feelings known through the internet.)

why after people are done rejecting you do they add this little annoying phrase? “you’re a great/special/wonderful girl meant for a great/special/wonderful guy and i have faith/i know you’ll find that guy one day.”

well thanks. that really made me feel better. compliment me after you reject me. that softens the blow. i’m so great/special/wonderful that you don’t want to be with me.

a wise pessimistic friend said it’s kind of like you have a delicious meal and you say gee this meal looks delicious/fantastic/incredible but i’m not going to have this meal. i’m not looking for good food. i’m sure there’s someone else though who will be interested in having this great meal.

a wise optimistic friend said it’s kind of like you have a delicious meal but you know you will not fully appreciate the meal or even finish eating it. so, you decide instead of wasting this perfect meal, i would rather pass on it and let someone else who would really enjoy it have it.

it’s up to you which side you want to take. i’m still debating.

— lissa

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2 responses to “freddy’s back.

  • Anonymous

    Kitten said…
    I think that everyone is not looking for the same meal. I would go with the more optimistic view. You always say it best “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

    Originally posted August 27, 2006 6:06 PM

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said…
    the optimistic friend fails to realize that everyone wants a great meal, whether they finish it or not. they’re looking for a better meal, says the pessimist friend.

    Originally posted August 21, 2006 5:35 PM

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